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General Express Construction (GEC) is a Canadian construction contractor based in Montreal, Quebec. GEC operates in construction management and construction information technology, providing our clients insight in construction business management. Our partners are licensed contractors that are certified in multiple specialized domains. We offer our clients a vertically integrated management platform in the residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and public sectors to execute their projects with ease and peace of mind, as it comes with the GEC assurances.

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Our priority? Your satisfaction. Through all our decisions, we commit to maintaining durable relations with our clients by satisfying their needs while offering a personal and positive experience. Our solid reputation is based on the professionalism of our management team and the courtesy and reliability of our highly qualified workers. A guarantee of quality and dependability.

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We prioritize the development of long-term relationships with our clients and partners. Fostering satisfaction by attending to clients’ needs and demands through any means possible is our highest goal. Each project represents a new adventure in which we are present to assist, guide and ensure that your experience is satisfactory on all levels.

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